Ideas for Relieving Covid-19 Stress

People are asking “Is it really safe to do outdoor activities this summer”.  This article from USA Today outlines what you have to do to be safe while enjoying the summer sun.

Many states have seen a spike in the number of covid-19 cases as witnessed by the Johns Hopkins University website. This means more quarantine and now masks are mandatory in most states and in most stores. 

Because of this news we need to be extra prepared when the quarantine is over and we are able to resume more normal activities and move freely from state to state. Getting ready may include having not one but several destinations and or reservations.  With all reservations now done online, you can use the following link to check on parks and campgrounds that are open and available  For places that are closer to home go here to find to find Covid-19 update for parks and campgrounds in your state.  You may also go to this site to determine what is happening with National Park and Campgrounds.

Feeling a little cabin fever or claustrophobic as a result of the quarantine is more than enough reason for getting away to the wide open spaces.  You may have other more personal reasons, but whatever your particular reason make sure that you have prepared yourself in advance for the coming adventure.  Even though your best intentions are to maintain social distancing as you have done at home and sanitize everything you come in contact with, unexpected things may come up.  Make sure you prepare yourself the same as if you were going to your favorite supermarket.  Remember that jurisdictions outside of your own may have different requirements for public spaces.  Try to do your homework before you leave to reduce the strain on you and everyone in your party.  Remember the whole idea is to relax and have fun.  

More reasons to get outdoors included are as follows:

  1. Gas prices are down
  2. Fresh air is better to breathe than indoor air.
  3. Food and coffee taste better when consumed outdoors.
  4. Time with family and friends that you have missed.
  5. Exercise outdoors is always better and,
  6. Everything is done now online and being outdoors gives you an opportunity to focus on each other not the computers.

There have been many stories in the news lately regarding the increase in domestic violence and substance abuse.  The stresses that come with loss of income, children constantly underfoot, staying home 24/7 and many other small things that can cause the blood pressure to rise and tempers to flair are a part of everyday life, but they don’t have to be.  Getting outdoors can help to solve some of these problems, but not all.  If you or a loved one is have any of these problems, you may need professional help.  Here are some resources that may be able to steer you on the right direction.

If you just need to get away, but don’t have the equipment, that’s where we come in.  For all of your outdoor needs, go to our website:

Get out there America and enjoy the outdoors while the sun is shinning.

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