Connecting the Family through Outdoor Activities

In the early days of our country, traveling was difficult and people would tend to stay within a few miles of where they were born. Families had roots. Today with easy travel and global companies people are much more mobile. Children grow up and go away to college, often many miles from home. After graduation, they may take a job in the immediate area or take employment with a company that may send them to any point on the globe. As a result, families have become much more separated than in the earlier history of our country. Because of this dispersion, spending quality time as a family in the early years becomes so much more important. Where better to grow the family ties than the great outdoors. There are many fun camping activities that a family can do together. I am sure that without thinking too hard you can come up with at least a dozen. I am not going to try outlining all of the outdoor activities that families can engage in, but will limit my discussion to just a few in this article. Maybe I’ll expand it later. That remains to be seen.


Camping may seem as though it is just a fun activity, but it can teach kids useful life skills. They may have assigned chores around the house, but those chores can often be dull and boring from their perspective. But give them those same chores when you are camping and they see them in a whole new light. It is important to not frame them as chores, but maybe responsibilities. Make them feel that they are a very important part of this camping experience. You should show them (training) how to correctly execute these responsibilities. This is especially important when they are very young. This training will remain with them for the rest of their lives. However, the entire camping experience should not be viewed as work. Fun activities can be worked into the mix.

Fun Activities

Fun camping activities can range from campfire singing, telling stories, fishing, hiking, viewing wildlife, picking flowers etc.  Families with small children may need some help in find appropriate activities that everyone can participateBeyond the Tent has many good ideas to keep everyone entertained.  Another great resource is The Spruce.  You will find many activities that will keep the kids active while you set up camp.  These activities may be a bit juvenile for the older members of your camping party, so they may want to engage in mature activities like fishing or hiking.  For these activities it is important to have the proper gear available.  To ensure you have what you need, you might check out fishing gear, tackle, rods and reels or suitable hiking equipment at Outdoor Equipment. Once you are satisfied that you have everything you need for a successful camping trip, the only thing left do is load up the gear and family and head out on the open road. Good luck and happy camping.

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