12 MUST HAVE ITEMS WHILE HIKING/BACKPACKING Whatever you do, don’t forget #7

Recently states have started to reopen the economy, which means that campgrounds, state and national forests and other public spaces will be open for our entertainment.  Being quarantined has been hard on all of us.  If you are like us, you are more than ready to get back to the great outdoors.  Weather is warming and most of the bad weather is behind us, we hope.  It is time to check out your gear to make sure you are ready when your favorite area is opened.  Be sure to check local, state or federal agency to make sure the area you are interested in has been reopened.  If you are not familiar with and area or don’t know where to go, check out this interactive map, or this list.

We have everything you may need for your next backpacking/hiking adventure. Here is a short list we compiled to make it easier to not forget those must need items especially if going overnight. 

1.  Tent

There are many types and sizes of tents. A good 2 person tent only weighs about 2 lbs. or less, come take a look at our tents and how portable they really can be.

2. Sleeping Bag or Blanket

We have several sleeping bags that are very compact and portable and only weigh ounces. It is made of high quality material that will last a lifetime when washed and stored properly.

3. First Aid Kit

Don’t leave home without one, you never know when it will be necessary item in a hurry. Heck, get 3 one for home, auto and outdoor gear!

4.  Mini Stove and Fuel

This would be an essential item if staying for any length of time. Check out this pocket stove that weighs ounces and is perfect for cooking.  Don’t forget the matches.

5.  Food

Mostly dehydrated food is the lightest to carry but don’t forget number 7 it is a necessary item as well.  Plastic or paper trash containers and zip lock bags for any extra food.  Don’t throw extra food out, it attracts the wild animals.

6.  Water filter or purification tablets.

You will need water along your journey and we have just the perfect water filter straw and carrying bags if you’re near a water source or need to carry it. Come check out the latest inventions in water purification for the outdoors.


Now I know not everyone needs to always use toilet paper but from time to time we all need some eventually. This is not only a comfortable way to travel but easier on everyone.

8. Cookware and Utensils

We have a new cookware set that is lightweight and compact which makes it portable. Check it out!!!

9.  Lightweight Rain Jacket

You never know when the weather may change and a light jacket could be just the thing to keep you warm.

10. Camera, Sunglasses and Hiking Shoes

All of these items will come in handy while trekking through any terrain.

11. Personal Items such as a Pill Container or Knife

Personal items make it more comfortable and are not at all necessary but if you take medicine that may be essential for your survival. Come check out our medicine containers that are waterproof and weather proof to keep your medicines protected. A knife is always handy so check ours out. We have a big selection of all types of knives from fixed blade to pocket knives.

12.  Insect Repellant, Towel and Hand Sanitizer

The first two items are always good to have on hand but the hand sanitizer has become essential in today’s world. Plus it’s a great way to stay clean even without water. 

If you find that you can’t get everything in your backpack, maybe you need a bigger pack.  Check out our selection here.  If you are new to hiking, make sure you take extra precautions.  Make sure you know where you are going.  Tell someone else (including an estimated return time).  Watch out for wild animals, this is their home.  And, last but not least, leave nothing behind; pack out all of your trash.  Leave it as you found it.  If you find trash, take it with you (leave it better than you found it).  The most important thing is to enjoy yourself.  Happy trails.

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